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“So, they found the Irish Prime Minister in the bar after 3am.”

“Isn’t that his job. Hahhahaha”

“No seriously, they say he was still drunk the next morning. It’s a big story.”

“No! Irish Guy Sober. Now that‘s a big story. Hahahahaaha.”

(To be cont)


Phil Davison.


Write about THAT New York Times/Wall Street Journal/Forbes, etc., etc.


He’s Irish on his mother’s side.


(The inevitable meme)

Just Tweeted:

Tomorow in The Dubliner magazine, we take a furtive glance at the city’s naughtiest parts in our hottest sex issue ever. Rosanna Davison invites the camera and the tape recorder into her boudoir. We also reveal the celebrities we lust after most, and expose the darker side of Dubliner’s sex lives, with an intimate tete-a…-tete with the boldest swingers in town … FREE with the Evening Herald!


(Thoughtful piece on Justin Keating, out of picture)