Exclusive: Mary Byrne: The Irish Susan Boyle: Before She Was Famous!



OK. She’s not famous.

But she will be after tonight.

So consider this a before-before they were about to become famous on the X Factor.

Yes, it’s MayBe, when she was just Mary Byrne, of Ballyfermot, singing with the Wexford Singers on TG4’s version of X Factor, Nollaig No.1.

Daithi O’Se’s ¬†brother, Tom O’Barnetgone, is a judge (he’s around 1.58), Mary sings You’ll Never Walk Alone in English AND Irish and we suspect it was filmed on or around Christmas. Also there’s a little fella at 1.20. We only see his eyes and then the camera drops bringing the lolz with him.

So. Ireland’s Dame Vera?

Can her lungs lift us out of recession?

Fuck yeah.

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