What’s The Latest With The FAI Ticket Scandal?


It seems that the majority of the FAI’s top-priced premium seats are being occupied by existing customers.

Who are paying 25% of the current value of the seats.

When Aviva was being built letters were sent to all 939 existing
customers asking where they wanted to be seated.

753 choose Vantage 1,currently priced at €3,200 a year. those customers are paying €750 a year.

At the end of the ISG arrangement, only 849 ‘Vantage 1s’ had been

Which means that the FAI only sold 96 of their top level package.

And there is no guarantee that any of these current customers will
renew for the higher price come 2014.

The Friday question: How many of these seats will be full for Michael Bublé?

FAI Fill The Best Seats For 25 per cent Of ‘New’ Price (Daniel McDonnell, Irish Independent)

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