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This morning/afternoon.

Sunday Times journalist Mark Tighe tweetz:

We’ve been digging deep into the John Delaney regime at the FAI and are excited to announce our book Champagne Football is now available for pre-order from Easons [at link below]. Will hit book shops in Sept – barring any last-minute injunction attempts!

Champagne Football by Mark Tighe and Paul Rowan (Eason)

This afternoon.

John Delaney resigns from UEFA with immediate effect (RTÉ)

Accountant and FAI VP Paul Cooke (left in pics 1 and 2) and FAI President Donal Conway at the Football Association of Ireland Annual accounts publication for 2018 this afternoon.

This afternoon.

The FAI published their reports and financial statements for 2017 and 2018.

They have revealed that the organisation has net current liabilities of more than €55million and that former CEO John Delaney agreed a settlement with the organisation of €462,000.

The reports and statements for 2017 and 2018 can be read here


FAI President Donal Conway


This morning/afternoon.

Football Association of Ireland tweetz:

Donal Conway is to step down as President of the Football Association of Ireland at an EGM on January 25, 2020…


Former CEO of FAI John Delaney

This afternoon.


The FAI has disclosed that the organisation has current net liabilities of more than €55m, following the release of their 2018 accounts.

The association has been in discussions with UEFA as well as their banking partners since the end of 2018 in an effort to provide financial stability within the organisation.

Presenting the 2018 accounts at the FAI headquarters, executive lead Paul Cooke explained how the association came to a severance settlement with former CEO John Delaney, which amounted to 462,000, including a pension payment.

FAI reveals liabilities of €55m (RTÉ)



At 1pm.

The Football Association of Ireland is expected to publish its accounts for 2018, as well as revised figures for 2017 and 2016.

Details of former CEO John Delaney’s severance package are also expected to be among the figures.

They figures were supposed to be published yesterday but on Wednesday the FAI announced that they’d be published today instead.

Also on Wednesday, mobile phone firm Three announced that it will be ending its partnership with the FAI when their current deal expires next July.

Further to this…

The Irish Independent reports:

Irish football is being told to prepare for a “bomb” when the FAI’s accounts are presented today, with debts of over €50million expected to be revealed.

The association’s former CEO, Bernard O’Byrne, has warned that possible new sponsors will stay away from a “toxic” FAI until more changes are made at board level.

FAI expected to reveal debt ‘bomb’ of more than €50m at today’s presentation of accounts (Aidan Fitzmaurice and John Fallon, Irish Independent)

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For The Last Time, It Was A BRIDGING Loan

“We Were Told ‘There’s No Story Here'”




At the NewsBrands Ireland Journalism Awards…

Mark Tighe, of The Sunday Times, won News Reporter of the Year award, Scoop of the Year award, and Investigative Journalism of the Year award – the latter with Colin Coyle and Paul Rowan – for the newspaper’s work on John Delaney and governance at the Football Association of Ireland.

The Sunday Times also won the Campaigning Journalism Award for the same stories.

In the video above, Mr Tighe, and others, discuss the development of the story.

See full list of winners here

Yesterday: Back Of The Net

Former FAI chief executive John Delaney in 2006 (top) and today (above)

This morning.

On RTÉ Radio One’s Today with Seán O’Rourke.

Following on from Executive Vice-President of the Football Association of Ireland John Delaney resigning on Saturday evening after securing a deal for an undisclosed sum – with The Irish Times reporting the deal was worth up to €500,000 and the Irish Independent reporting it was worth €350,000

Mr O’Rourke spoke to John O’Regan, honorary secretary of the FAI’s Kerry District League for 40 years and senior council member of the FAI; Brendan Menton, former general secretary of the FAI; and Stuart Gilhooly, solicitor with the Professional Football Association of Ireland.

Mr Menton told Mr O’Rourke:

“My first point would be: if this announcement and agreement is a sign of the new corporate governance of the FAI then it can only be described as a spectacular failure. I think one of the principles of the corporate governance proposals was accountability and transparency and I think that scores a zero in this deal.”

Mr Menton also said he took issue with reports that FAI president Donal Conway led the negotiations in the resignation deal, and the timing of the resignation – as it comes one week before the publication of an audit report into the FAI.

Mr Gilhooly said he wasn’t surprised to learn about the deal and that it was “inevitable”.

However, he said the timing of the deal is “odd”.

He said:

“In those types of agreements, there will always be a confidentiality clause so I’d be surprised if we get to find out exactly what has been paid unless it does arise at the AGM.

“So I don’t think anybody will want to breach that clause. Indemnity-wise, it’s difficult to know what would be in it but you would imagine that both sides would have sought indemnities from each other.

“So, I would suspect we won’t be hearing from John Delaney in any form in the future.”

In response to Mr Gilhooly’s point about confidentiality clauses in such agreements, Mr Menton said:

“The FAI is not a business, the FAI is a public organisation that is owned by its clubs, its members, its players. They’ve been ignored, and they’ve continuously been ignored. It doesn’t belong the directors, the council members or indeed the employees of the association, it belongs to the members.”

Mr O’Regan, who has previously defended Mr Delaney, said the FAI is a business and is run as a business.

“An awful lot of stuff that John Delaney has done is being forgotten about. The start of the whole thing is that he gave a loan of €100,000 to the FAI and I mean, like [comedian] Jason Byrne said while ago [on Ryan Tubridy show] …a mountain out of a molehill [this comment was not made in respect of Mr Delaney] and I think Stuart Gilhooly has been right there, confidential clauses are the norm for these type of deals and I think, you know, they were looking for a change of board from the old board and we got a change of board.

“These people have decided that now is the right time to come to an agreement with John Delaney and get the issue out of the way. I’m very surprised by Brendan Menton accusing people of brushing stuff under the carpet.

“This is something that was levied at the GAA for years, yet they are a fantastic organisation.”

Asked if he has any concerns about how much money might have been paid to Mr Delaney, Mr O’Regan said:

“As I said, there were people put in charge to come to an agreement with John Delaney. I’m quite sure it isn’t what John Delaney would have expected at the start but it is an agreement between two bodies that decided that this is what it should be.

“And I think we should honour that agreement if there is a confidentiality clause, as Stuart said, that is there and it’s there in every company.”

He added calls for the amount of money to be disclosed are “a bit rich”.

Later, Mr O’Rourke asked Mr O’Regan about a point made by someone who had texted into the show: “If you get taxpayers’ money for funding, you must be completely transparent”.

Mr O’Regan said:

“Listen. We are completely transparent in…the taxpayers’ money that they’re talking about is a Sports Capital Grant. Those four capital grants are going to the likes of the Kerry District League, the Clare District League, Limerick District League and all the clubs throughout the length and breath of the country.

“The grassroots people have no problem with how money is being spent. We spend it properly. All you have to do, or Shane Ross has to do, or Brendan Menton or anybody, take one trip down to The Kingdom.

“Come down to Kerry, have a look at Mounthawk Park, all the grounds throughout the length and breadth of Kerry ….every penny that we got from the Sports Capital Grant has been spent in a correct way and I can assure you the minister has got great value for money from sport capital funding.”

Listen back in full here

Concern Delaney deal struck days ahead of audit report (RTE)

John Delaney inflicted a decade of austerity on everyone in Irish football except himself (Ken Early, The Irish Times)

As John Delaney finally departs the FAI it’s a case of goodbye and good riddance to the emperor with no shoes (Neil O’Riordan, The Irish Sun)

Drama & controversy followed John Delaney like a cloak (Tony O’Donoghue, RTE)

Michel Platini (left) and John Delaney at the Aviva in 2015

Platini arrested amid probe into awarding of 2022 World Cup to Qatar (RTÉ)

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Pic Uefa

Former CEO of FAI John Delaney (second from right) on his way to an Oireachtas committee hearing last month

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Ah here.


Ballsbridge Hotel, Dublin 4

Nick writes:

On the way to the Ireland vs Liverpool Legends game (Sean Cox fundraiser at the Aviva)




Cork City Vs St Patrick’s Athletic League of Ireland match.

Sinn Fein TD and former Cork City chairman Jonathan O’Brien was ejected from from Turner’s Cross last night following a protest against the FAI.

O’Brien – who was part of the Oireachtas Committee that met with the officials of the Association on Wednesday – was escorted out of the ground by Gardai….

TD thrown out of Cork City match at protest against FAI (RTÉ)

Leo Varadkar, then Minister for Sport, and the FAI’s John Delaney at the National Sports Centre in 2013

Leo Varadkar said he doesn’t think anybody would be satisfied by Mr Delaney’s refusal to answer questions about corporate governance at the FAI during his tenure as chief executive.

….Mr Varadkar said Mr Delaney was not a public servant and therefore was not accountable to the Oireachtas Committee on Sport.

But he said Mr Delaney and the FAI were accountable to the Office of the Director of Corporate Enforcement and to Sport Ireland, and those bodies still had questions which had to be answered.

Taoiseach criticises Delaney appearance at Oireachtas Committee (RTÉ)

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