Modern Ireland: The Last 10 Years In Cliches (Deluxe Version)


Rent is dead money.

You don’t even need money to buy property these days.

This is a good time to invest.

It’s always a good time to buy.

Ireland is different.

We’re punching above our weight.

We are where we are.

This is a new paradigm.

The fundamentals of the economy are sound.

There will be a soft landing.

Our Irishness gives us a distinct selling point.

We’re in a period of adjustment.

This is not about apportioning blame.

We all lost the run of ourselves.

My conscience is a million per cent clear.

The economy has turned the corner.

We need to stop talking the economy down.

It’s all the media/Lehmans’/cheap-shot commentators’/ Twitter’s fault.

At least we’re not Iceland.

At least we’re not Spain.

At least we’re not Greece.

While we are where we are, at least we’re not where we were . . .

(Jennifer O’Connell,  Sunday Business Post)