E Voting Machines To Be Finally Binned (Along With €51 Million)



And, remind us, what did the man in the cupboard say in 2006?

Ireland will become the laughing stock of Europe if it doesn’t introduce e-voting soon, the Taoiseach said tonight.

Bertie Ahern told Opposition TDs in the Dail that a recent report on electronic voting found that it would only cost €500,000 to upgrade its software.

He rejected criticism over the troubled €52m e-voting system which still incurs annual €700,000 costs to store 7,000 machines around the country.

“Our silly old system is outdated,” Mr Ahern said.

“We have to correct the software which will cost €500,000 and then try to move forward. Otherwise we will go into the 21st Century being the laughing stock with our stupid ol’ pencils.”

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