The Guardian: Greeks Riot. We Call Joe.


In the light of the lone cement truck protest, Henry McDonald, The Guardian‘s Irish correspondent, wonders why aren’t the Irish revolting.

His conclusion: We’re too busy calling Joe Duffy (above).

“A colleague of mine from the BBC who is leaving its Ireland operation for a job with the EU in Brussels and who comes from Dublin made the most telling remark about the day of the cement-mixer attack. Pointing to the lack of crowds baying for politicians’ and bankers’ blood outside the Dail she quipped that the Irish were “too busy whining about the politicians and the bankers on the Joe Duffy Show” to go out demonstrating.”

He adds: “The Republic’s debt-laden, still property-owning obsessed, conservative citizens are more terrified of having to hand over control of their economy to the IMF than the forthcoming budget of brutal cuts and increased taxes. The Greeks may riot in the street but the Irish prefer to ring up radio stations instead.”

Why Aren’t The Irish Revolting (Guardian Blog)

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