Miners Emerge, Instantly Blinded By Mawkish Celebrity Tweets


Ryan Seacrest: If ur just waking up, 12 miners have been rescued in Chile, 21 to go. AMAZING work from all involved!

Missy Elliott: The Chileans Miners will be a Testimony of how Real God is! Such a Blessing to see them healthy and n Great Spirits!


Josh Groban: I’m in total awe watching CNN right now. Hard to believe this is actually happening. I’ll be awake until they’re all out.

NiaVardalos: Am crying watching the Chilean miners being rescued. We can be such jerks-it’s nice to see humankind at our best.

Tia Carrere: Chile! Chile! Chile! Chile! Chile! Chile! Chile! Chile!

Gavin Rossdale: I can’t even imagine how their family must feel at this moment.

Nicky Hilton: So happy the Chilean miners are being rescued and reunited with their families!

Ryan Seacrest: “Sending prayers & well wishes to the miners & rescue teams in Chile. Hope to see everyone on the surface soon.”

Calum Best: “Just wanna say wow and well done to the people who got the miners out and those guys must be seriously brave to survive down there that long.”

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