Broadsheet: 11 Weeks Old Today


Karl’s aunt’s kitchen this morning as we compiled the top 11 of our first 11 weeks.

1)  Posts: 1,901

2) Comments: 1337 (not from Holemaster: 834)

3) Page Views: 312,917

4) Most Popular Post: ‘At Home With Stephen Ireland‘.

5) Least Popular Post: ‘Hey! Send Us Your Electric Picnic Photos!’ (since deleted).

6) You Tube videos (involving domestic animals and wildlife): 201

7) Lowest Point: Being voted ‘Not Hot’ in  The Sunday Tribune’s ‘Hot or Not’ list, July 31.

8) Cuddle From Twenty Major: One

9) Nominations in the ‘Mulleys’: None

10) Most Overused Phrase: [Name] Tears [Name] A New One.

11) Chances of advertising revenue: Two

Feel free to add your own.

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