Irish Times Glaring Typo/Grammar Mash Up Of The Day


In other news:

THE former managing director of ‘The Irish Times’ received a €1m payoff after she left earlier this year, it was revealed as the company unveiled further losses.
Maeve Donovan, who stepped down from her position as MD in February, was given a €1m “ex-gratia” payment by the newspaper “relating to a commutation of pension rights agreed with her”.
When Ms Donovan retired, she dismissed suggestions that she would receive a significant “golden handshake”, saying that her package would be “nothing out of the ordinary at all”.
Ms Donovan instigated the now infamous “investment and diversification” strategy at the paper, which saw ‘The Irish Times’ make a series of non-media investments, including a €50m spend on the property website

Irish Times CEO Got €1m Pay-Off As Losses Mount (Irish Times)

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