Chris de Burgh Tears Kevin Courtney A New One (And Vice Versa)


From the article: Love don’t come easy: artists we love to hate (Kevin Courtney, Irish Times, 22 Oct)

There are many homegrown stars worth hating – Ronan, Bono, Sinéad – but all must bow to the chieftain of cheese himself, Chris de Burgh. His global hit The Lady in Red set a new standard for schmaltzy ballads, while his 1975 Christmas song, A Spaceman Came Travelling , will waft out of shops every December until the end of the universe. So no escape there. His new album, Moonfleet, is a prog-MOR concept epic complete with orchestra, narration, jigs and hornpipes. De Burgh takes an active interest in how his career is doing – when the press publishes anything critical about his work, he often responds with a robustly worded missive.

Oh dear. Not again.

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