Eiregeddon: We Want To Be Sedated


The 80s revival continues with The Guardian sending a journalist to uncover the new drug menace gripping the nation’s capital. Apparently…

• €20 can buy 10 tablets.

• The two most popular drugs are Zopiclone and Zimovane.

• The drugs, which are highly powerful painkillers and sleeping tablets, are used to help addicts sleep and numb pain, especially during heroin “droughts”.

• The tablets are smuggled from Pakistan and China via Europe. Some are re-packaged in countries such as Croatia and Germany.

• Sellers can earn up to €500 euros per week.

Back at her pitch across from the Abbey theatre, Sandra agrees with that prediction. “I can get €200 a week selling the zimmos and that is far more than I can get on the social welfare,” she says.

See? It’s not all bad news.

Back at 9am

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