OK. Now You’re Oswald. Where Do You Aim?


By which we don’t mean an (apparently) lone gunman should assassinate Ryan Tubridy

Oh no?

It’s a joke.

At the expense of a guy who hosts the Late Late Show, has just completed a 300-page bestseller, presents the morning show on 2FM (It’s what Gerry Would have wanted) and is dating a woman who is…oh, that’s right…completely smoking to any gender. While you write for douchebag dot com and live with your mum. Let’s just say: I don’t think the Tubmeister’s sweating over your headline, dude.

Well-grounded-but-essentially-irrational begrudgery?

‘fraid so.

But it feels so good

The best feeling in the world, bro. But a path to madness. Trust me. I’ve looked into it.

Cheers, Laterz


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