Habemus Papam! The Merkel/Cowen Caption Competition WINNERS!


The Following have won two tickets each to see Peter Mandelson, Miriam O’Callaghan and Dr David McDreamy at the National Concert Hall, Tomorrow (Saturday) Night.

Leviathan shall email you with details of where to collect your tickets, if not tonight, tomorrow morning at the very latest. We hope to see you there. We’ll be up the front. Karl has a bit of a ‘man pash’ for the Mands.

Overall Winner: Brendan Strong.

“Hear this? World’s smallest violin.”

Second Prize: Charlie

“So you see the difference, Brian. When I just hold my hand ‘steady’ like this, I’m emphasising a point. But, when I move it from side to side it means I think you’re a…oh, look, they’ve put the canapés out.”

Third Prize: Cyril Moloney

“Jokers to the left of me, media to the right, here I am, stuck in the middle with the EU.”

Fourth Prize: Nick McGiveny

‘Und dann I take ze green little booger und I skwish it up und srow it avay. Tink! It is gone! Zat, Mister Brian, ist how I roll.’

Fifth Prize: Joe

I don’t care if all ze uzzer leaders are going to the pub. You will stay here and practice your budget. Now repeat after me “Nobody could have seen zis coming…..”

Congratulations to one and all!

Chompsky also recommends:

Best Senior: Holemaster

“And at ze cleeck of my fingers, you vill vake up.

Most Promising Use Of Visuals: Morgan C Jones

“Is zis a piece of your brain?”

Most Reckless ‘Holy Mary’ Throw From The Guy Who Came First: Brendan Strong

“You’re not the messiah. You’re a very naughty boy.”

(Fred’s entry was disqualified as he is a friend of a member of the judging panel. Siobhan K, Joby and Dave are names we made up at the start of the competition because we thought we wouldn’t get enough entries. Those ‘entries’ were also disqualified)

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