Moriarty Catwalk: What The Stylish Senior Counsel Is Wearing This Season


Here come the boys. Remember: You literally paid for the clothes on their backs.

Gerry Kelly SC: He asked for ‘Borderline Dandy’ and that’s what the tailor gave him. With one proviso: hat always at rakish angle, sir!

John O’Donnell SC: Waterproof, thorn-proof and with a military bearing. What more could the young gentlemen want from a coat?  Apart from an extra-long pocket for the venison, of course.

Michael McDowell SC: More than suits you, sir! This three-piece screams: “I’ve changed”. Why? Because there comes a point in a man’s life when he needs to look like Captain Mainwaring from Dad’s Army.

Bill Shipsey SC: It’s a statement suit. The statement being: a girthful of pink tone-on-tone lights up any courtroom!

(Photocall Ireland)

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