Donegal South West: Ageing, Unemployed And Still Using Dial-Up


Donegal South-West’s profile is similar to the rest of the country. However, there are a few notable differences:

1) People in Donegal South-West are much more likely to have left education earlier and with fewer qualifications than people nationally

2) Overall, the time spent in education and the education level achieved by the Donegal South-West population is significantly below that of the national population.

3) Donegal South-West has a much lower population growth than the national average

4) The average age of the population in Donegal South-West is above the national average

5) People in Donegal South-West are less likely to be at work than the national average. The employment rate for men is particularly low (20 per cent).

6) Households in Donegal South-West are less likely to have access to a computer or the Internet than households nationally. Their Internet access is also less likely to be via broadband.

7) Mary Coughlan topped the poll here, like her father and uncle before her.

Donegal South West: The candidates (Highland Radio)

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