Rape Crisis Network: “Indecent Exposure Is A Crime”


The Irish Examiner who broke The Neil Prendeville ‘la petite mortstory yesterday, had a word with Fiona Neary of the Rape Crisis Network.

“Indecent exposure is rightly recognised as sexually harmful behaviour and as a crime. Imposed on bystanders, it can be both humiliating and intimidating. It is important the harmful effects are fully recognised and appreciated.”

“Describing such behaviours as an ‘embarrassing incident’ serves to minimise the harm inflicted and give a green light to those with sexually harmful behaviours. Every woman has the right to go about her work environment and her daily life without having unwanted sexual behaviour put upon her.

“If media coverage is accurate, the type of behaviour Mr Prendeville engaged in, is regarded as serious enough to constitute a crime under our own law and the law of England and Wales. We would welcome information from Aer Lingus as to its policy on how they address such situations in the interest of employee and passenger safety and upholding the law.”

Indecent Exposure Is A Crime (Irish Examiner)

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