Call Of Duty: Black Ops. The FIRST Review (Spoiler Alert)


“But the piece de resistance is the unlikely cast of playable characters: you’re not fighting as anonymous soldiers, you’re controlling ex-presidents and politicos like John F Kennedy, Richard Nixon and Fidel Castro, all of whom spout familiar sound bites as they hack down staggering Nazi aggressors. It’s a neat, knowing inversion of the campaign’s serious Cold War setting, and it nicely recalls Patrick Swayze’s bank robbing gang in Point Break with their over-sized president masks. There’s also an extra mode named Dead Ops, a dual-stick top-down shooter in the style of Robotron: 2084 or Smash TV in which you fight through a series of single-screen locations, competing for cool power-ups like flame-throwers and rocket launchers. Awesome fun.”

Call Of Duty: Black Ops, Review By Keith Stuart (Guardian)

Midnight Queues For Call Of Duty (BBC)

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