The Giga Pudding Song: 4Chan’s New Theme Tune



​The internets are alive with the sound of music today. Specifically, they are alive with the music of Giga Pudding, some sort of obscure Japanese gelatin product that sports one of the most bizarre, irritating ad jingles of all time; the two-minute ad appeared embedded at the top of every board on 4chan this week, causing hackers, nerds and disenfranchised high-schoolers worldwide to react with everything from delight to rage — but in almost all cases, to react.

It’s just the latest example in a series of increasingly enigmatic moves by Christopher Poole (better known by his web-handle “moot”), 4chan’s reclusive founder, whose increased interaction with his own creation of late has grown both more playful and more, well, trollish.

Giga Pudding! Giga Pudding! GIGA PUDDING! Is Moot On A Troll Roll? (Westworld)

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