We’re Going To Ask Lisa O’Carroll To Work For Us



She’s just written the definitive ‘out-of control-public-sector-fat-cat-story’ for her Irish business blog in the Guardian.

We could use someone like that.

Sample quote:

The government now seems to have grasped the nettle with reports it will cap public sector pay at €250,000. But it is unlikely to have any immediate impact as it won’t include anyone who’s under contract at the moment, so it could be some years and some governments down the line before it is implemented. And by then, the country could be further under the water.

Sample stats:

Top 10 Public Sector Salaries

1. Head of ESB (Padraig McManus, above): €752,568
2. Head of Dublin Airport Authority: €568,100
3. Head of An Post: €500,000
4. Head of Coillte, the forestry commission €417,000
5. Head of Voluntary Health Insurance: €412,003
6. Head of Bord Gais: €394,000
7. Head of Bord na Mona: €392,000
8. Head of RTE: €326,000
9. Head of CIE (transport): €252,416
10. Head of the HSE: €335,913

Some UK/Ireland comparisons.

UK: Prime minister David Cameron – £142,500.
Ireland: Taoiseach Brian Cowen – €228,446 (£193,250.01)
Who’s on top? Ireland

UK: NHS chief executive David Nicolson – £255,000
Ireland: HSE chief executive Cathal Magee – salary of €322,000 (£272,390.43)
Who’s on top? Ireland

Department of finance
UK: Treasury permanent secretary, Sir Nicholas Macpherson £175,000
Ireland: Department of finance’s secretary general, Kevin Cardiff €228,446 (£193,250.01)
Who’s on top? Ireland

An Post
UK: Royal Mail managing director Mark Middleton £154,999
Ireland: An Post chief executive Donal Connell €500,000 (£423,097.31)
Who’s on top? Ireland

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