Point. Tipping. The.


The mind-shredding AIB bonus story (AIB to pay out €40 million this year), broken by The Guardian last night, elicited the following comment from a reader, Patrick Dodd, we thought we’d share with you:

“LOL is overused all round the interwebz but this story really did make me laugh out loud. I mean, c’mon, this is so outrageous it is hilarious. I thought Cowen being the most highly paid state leader in Europe was pretty funny; I thought the head of the Irish electricity board getting nearly 3/4 of a million euros a year was a hoot; both of these issues are put in the shade by this though. And honestly, if the Irish people stand for this then, really, democracy is dead and everyone ought to shuffle off and gladly accept their newly lowered minimum rate of pay.

Of course there will be some ar*e who comments “one must have rule of law” yada yada but seriously, for this to stand the public’s sense of justice must have been utterly destroyed.”

(Photocall Ireland)