It’s Not What Gerry Would Have Wanted


Ms Verwoerd said one of the ground rules of their relationship was that drugs were not acceptable. She said in the two years they were together nothing had been used.

Ms Verwoerd said that the pressures of finalising his separation from his wife Morah, as well as enormous pressure from RTÉ and his work, had begun to take a toll on Mr Ryan.

She said that he was constantly waking in the middle of the night, sweating and feeling very unwell.

Which prompted Cork blogger, Potato of Rage to rage:

“Yes RTÉ asking a massively overpaid man, funded by the citizens of Ireland who are struggling to make ends meet, to take a pay cut is what killed him. As opposed to smoking, drinking, late nights, wining and dining and little or no exercise. And, as we now know for sure, fucking cocaine like icing on a big fat cake. Thanks for spending my money so wisely Gerry! Say hi to Katy French for me in whatever limbo you go to when you bring about your own demise through assholish practises.”


Broadsheet’s position: As long as a dude doesn’t masturbate in front of us on a plane, he can do whatever drug he fancies.

(Photocall Ireland)

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