BOO! HISS! Meet Those Top Public Service Bonus People. You’ll Hate Them.


KER-CHING! €40,539 paid to the chief executive of Horse Racing Ireland, Brian Kavanagh. Spent on pies and a new top hat.

KER-CHING! €9,628 paid to John Martin (right), chief executive of Waterways Ireland. Spent on fish pies.

KER-CHING! €31,395 paid to Patricia Byron, chief executive of the Personal Injuries Assessment Board (PIAB). Spent on ‘stuff’.

KER-BLING! €200,000 paid to Michael Somers (yes, that Michael Somers) former National Treasury Management Agency (NTMA). Spent on dwarf, employed to serve him truffles during the working day.


Dozens Of Public Service Officials Get Bonus (Irish Independent)

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