They’re Callling It SPINitry College!


Well they will once they hear Fianna Fail public relations person Jackie Gallagher, has been chosen to join the board of Trinity College.


He was appointed by Mary Coughlan*. Double Huzzah.

Broadsheet says:

At last!

TCD needs a bizarre political appointment in the dying days of this administration like Jackie’s.

Too long the so-called University has rested on its laurels and its academic achievements.

But let’s face it. It’s no Michael Smurfit Business school. And why isn’t it??

Trinity needs a man to raze the cobblestones and market the shit out of the Book of Kells.

Jackie, even though he has a girl’s name, is that man.

Spin Doctor Appointed To Trinity Board (University Times)

* The Minister can make three appointments to the board.

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