Psychic Healing: What Your Protest Poster Says About You


“The clean strokes and the remorseless logic tell me that you are a logical person who likes to see the big picture and squeeze all of the picture on to a small poster. What you are saying is: Here is my poster. Don’t just glance. Stop and study my remorseless logic.”

“You are someone used to getting their own way. You see the world as a simple place requiring simple, three-point solutions. I see a death of a family pet – a vulnerable hamster, maybe? – during childhood causing significant trauma and a desire for order. You are always seeking ‘new’ plans but then they get ‘old’.”

“By your wan expression I am guessing you are from Greece. I think you are homesick and missing the azure blue skies and reasonably-priced coffee of your homeland. Unusually your poster has its own think bubble “like of which” we don’t see much of in Ireland.”

“The moment I saw this I thought: this is a person comfortable with a pie chart. Maybe a teacher of pie charts? You are someone who keeps her cards close to her chest. Often though, while everyone is playing Texas Hold ‘Em, you’re playing Gin Rummy. I see great things happening to you. I would draw you a chart but I won’t.”

“As a group, one part of you wants to escape the past and the rest want to wear uniforms and shoot people in the kneecaps. AND another part just like dressing up in old Citizen’s Army fatigues to make a political point. At some point  all of you need to reconcile your positions. Why not try mixing it up? Keep the old uniform but stop the racketeering and whatnot. Or resume the knee-capping and arbitrary killings but conduct your business in leisurewear?”

(Photocall Ireland)

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