Gerry Ryan: One House. FIVE Mortgages.


Five mortgages?

Two within the space of five months.

Is that even possible?

Seriously, how big was this guy’s habit?

According to The Sun: “In the two years before he died his debt spiralled from a manageable €12,568 to an astonishing €355,744.”

His Clontarf home was sucked dry: “The two-storey gaff bought in 1990 with a mortgage of around IR£100,000 was refinanced three years later for IR£148,500. Ryan again remortgaged the house in 2002, 2005 and 2006 and 2007.”

Mortgaged to the hilt, a standing order with the Medellín cartel, and dicky health.

But still he partied

He literally was us.


(Photocall Ireland)

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