Tommy Killeen: We’ll Never Forget You


1997: Loyal. Unassuming, mustachioed, Tony, first elected in 1992, is returned to the Dail and immediately recognised as someone of small intellect. Many mistake him for a supermarket manager.  Tony brushes all this aside with his customary sullenness and moody stares.

2007: Out goes the face furniture and the ‘fun’ ties. In comes a sterner Tony. Still loyal and unassuming but now grimly determined to exact revenge on everyone who ever laughed at him.

2011: Revenge is a dish best served cold. In this case, Willie O’Dea’s leftovers. Tony gets a ministerial pension and, after serving less than a year as Minister of Defence, announces his retirement. The glasses got cooler. Tony remains aggressively unmemorable. We will never see his like, etc.

Tony Killeen Will Not Contest Election (Irish Times)

(Photocall Ireland)

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