The Fitzpatrick Tapes: The Funny Bit


Fitzpatrick was part of Derek Quinlan’s consortium purchasing the Savoy Hotel group, which included Claridge’s, above. Among the investors was Paddy McKillen.

Seanie recalls: “I know nothing about hotels. I am looking around the place. Paddy McKillen said [he] was down in the car park last night and you know what, the ceiling is eighteen feet high. I said, What does that mean? he said, What does that mean? That means we could put a gym or bar in there, Sean, instead of a car park.

‘And then you know we have Joe Bloggs in there cutting hair, fuck him out and we get in Fabiola. Then there is a jeweller down there called John Doe, fuck him out and we will get in Cartier. The guys were bang, bang, bang.”

The Fitzpatrick Tapes (p51)

Fabiola? Bang, bang, bang? Fuck John Doe? Ah, great, great days.

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