The Most Hated Woman In Northern Ireland Today


Who? Susanne Morrison, a photographer with The County Down Outlook, a newspaper owned by former Unionist MP, John Taylor.

Her crime? Posted on her Facebook page that she was “sick of hearing” about Michaela Harte. Said her murder was “karma” and “what comes around goes around.” She added: “Thousands of people die terrible deaths every day through diseases and whatever so what makes her so special.”

Any clues to why she would say such a thing? None, although she does describe one of her ‘activities’ as “being Protestant”.

Oh. And her ‘interests’ include “Waking up on July 12th and realising you are God’s chosen race”.

Right. Thanks.

Harte Tragedy: Newspaper Photographer’s Sick Facebook Messages About Honeymoon Murder Bride Michaela (Belfast Telegraph)

The County Down Outlook

Never mind, Susanne, you can always get a job with Le Matinal.

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