Tomorrow’s Election Cliches Today


What they say: “Fianna Fail will be wiped out.”

What they mean: “I hope Fianna Fail will be wiped out.”

What they say:“This is the game changer.”

What they mean: “Until the next ‘game changer’ arrives’ in about 20 minutes.”

What they say: “Fine Gael will let Fianna Fail in through the back door.”

What they mean: “Vote Labour”

What they say: “Fianna Fail have lowered their age profile with a lot of new faces”

What they mean: “Dad, can I have your seat now?”

What they say: “This is the election where young people will vote in great numbers.”

What they mean:This is the election where more young people will talk about voting but won’t because they never, ever vote in great numbers or any significant numberage at all, ever.”

What they say: “It’s going to be the Twitter/Facebook election.”

What they mean:I am literally talking out of my arsehole”.

Feel free to add your own. Or not.

(Photocall Ireland)
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