Fox News: This Is The Worst Video Game Ever


So, it follows that ‘Bulletstorm’ must be pretty good.

And it is:

In Bulletstorm due February 22, players are rewarded for shooting enemies in the private parts (such as the buttocks). There’s an excess of profanity, of course, including frequent use of F-words. And Bulletstorm is particularly gruesome, with body parts that explode all over the screen.

Blimey. But that’s not all:

The in-game awards system, called Skill Shots, ties the ugly, graphic violence into explicit sex acts: “topless” means cutting a player in half, while a “gang bang” means killing multiple enemies. And with kids as young as 9 playing such games, the experts spoke with were nearly universally worried that video game violence may be reaching a fever pitch.

Want. So badly.

Is Bulletstorm The Worst Video Game Ever? (Fox news)

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