The First Broken Promise Of Election 2011


TOP radio host Ray D’Arcy will leave the country if Enda Kenny becomes Taoiseach.

The presenter has launched another personal attack on the Fine Gael leader, whom he previously described as being like a four-day-old floury potato.

“There is a huge mismatch between us as a society and our politicians. If you look at Enda Kenny, oh my God look at Enda Kenny,” said D’Arcy in a tone of disbelief.

“I actually said it to her (his partner) and I shouldn’t be saying it on live television but if he becomes Taoiseach I’m leaving the country.

“It’s true if he becomes Taoiseach I’m leaving the country,” he said on RTE’s The Saturday Night Show.

D’Arcy: I’d Emigrate If Kenny Became Taoiseach (Evening Herald,  February 15, 2010)

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