The New Hipster Drink Of Choice: McDaid’s Football Special


A SOFT drink made from a secret recipe that has been enjoyed for over 50 years by a select few is about to be launched nationwide.

Outside of north Donegal, few people have even heard of McDaid’s Football Special, a cola-style frothy drink which is synonymous with Ramelton, the small heritage town where it is made.

But owner Edward McDaid plans to take Football Special into the soft drinks premiership.

“It is a strange product in many senses. Whatever it is about it, it seems to hit a memory button and conjure up pleasant memories of childhood, even with people who haven’t tasted it before,” he explained.

“The fruit syrup flavours that are used are all fairly common and shouldn’t belong together but they do,” he said.


If it’s anything like our childhood it should taste like blood, dry bread and salty tears..

Note: Also available in banana flavour.

Family Soft Drink To Create Fizz Nationwide (Irish Independent)

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