John Waters On Dame Edna: “He’s Not A God.”


“PERHAPS THE greatest thing about Enda is that he is not a god, but one of us, a real flesh-and-blood man.”

But it’s an easy mistake to make.

Meanwhile – hadn’t you heard? – we all partied:

“The past three years, by contrast with the Tiger decade, have seen the emergence of a form of dystopianism, a reaction to the surging utopianism of the preceding period, combined with an incipient sense that it is only because of the flawed nature of its personnel that the political system failed to deliver the satisfactions we craved. We react with rage to the discovery that – surprise, surprise! – human beings are weak and flawed, and man-made systems have not made us safe and happy ever after.”

Prompting this response from IT reader Jim O’Sullivan:

‘…we created the illusion of a utopia by plundering the future’

“When are you going to stop being offensive by repeating this “we” nonsense.”We” plundered nothing. A government completely bought into the snake oil ideology that money grubbing is where it is at.
That you rowed in behind this nonsense and urged support for the same snake oil sellers is for you to come to terms with. Leave the rest of us out of it.”

Look To New Chief Not To Save Us But Inspire Us (Irish Times)

Painting by Oisin Roche