Satirical News Website Seeks Barrister For Free legal Advice, Long Walks


We’ve had an email from Grainne Gilmore headlined, Defamation, Bullying, Harassment

To which, Chompsky’s dog walker replied that “it would help if you could identify the exact comments which you found defamatory”

To which Grainne responded: “Given the inaccuracy of the original article, my contention is that the entire thread is defamatory.”

To which we wanted to scream: “GRAINNE! IT’S NOT ALL ABOUT YOU!” It’s about the job offer and why it was made. But by that stage Chompsky was off his food and there was a lot of tension in the office.

The advice we need.

1) Is it defamatory to say someone’s been appointed when they turn down an offer of the appointment?

2) Is ‘inveracity’ a real word?

The candidate we’re looking for:

Fit, energetic and must have own wig. We prefer applicants who are undertaking a 12-step programme.

Good luck.

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Meanwhile. Here’s a picture of a kitteh

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