Corrib Garda: Celebrating Five Years Of Rapey Chatter



Mr Monaghan, a father of two and spokesman for the Pobal Chill Chomain community group which opposes the route of the Corrib Gas pipeline on health and safety grounds, said that the incident happened [October 13, 2006] between 8am and 9am as the protesters marched behind gardai on the public road.

On the tape, Mr Monaghan can be heard talking to another protester and referring to a garda wearing a high-visibility jacket immediately in front of him.

Mr Monaghan: “Do you see the XL on the thing — that’s his mouth.”

The response from the man alleged to be the Garda: “It’s my cock and your fucking wife will know all about it. I hope you’re recording all that now, John.”

Mr Monaghan then said: “Any more comments about my wife?”

Response: “I don’t know the woman.”

Second Abusive Garda Recording Revealed (Belfast Telegraph)

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