Extrajudicial Smearing



Joe Higgins questioning Taoiseach Enda Kenny during leaders’ questions on his support for the “shoot to kill policy” against Osama Bin Laden.

Kicks off at 4.49…

Higgins: “Taoiseach, you said in 2003 that, under international law and order, the war in Iraq was wrong, unjust and unnecessary. Tens of thousands of innocent Iraqis were killed…”

Ceann Comhairle: “Could we have a supplementary question please?”

Higgins: “The two figureheads of that invasion, Messrs Bush and Blair, were responsible for that. If a group of aggrieved relatives of those tens of thousands of dead mounted an assault on Mr Blair’s luxury compound, wherever that might be, would you equally justify that? Because the same logic would apply. And they would no doubt argue that they couldn’t get justice in Britain.

“I put it to you, Taoiseach, you have no mandate from the Irish people… Your support for this assassination – albeit of an utter reactionary – in my view, if there was a debate among the Irish people, while they would excoriate Obama [sic], his likes and everything that he did, as we have done, and we did, we did, we did to the US and Britain, which supported these reactionary regimes. They do not agree with your position. Now, justify why you support the shoot to kill policy in some instances.”

Enda Kenny: “I wasn’t aware that Deputy Higgins was a supporter of Osama bin Laden’s.”

[Prolonged shouting]

Kenny: “As Deputy Higgins will be aware, my views on the Iraqi conflict were well known. And as you’re aware, if Hans Blix …”

Higgins: “Withdraw. Withdraw your remark. Withdraw your remark.”

Later, he did just that.

OK You Are Not A Bin Laden Fan, Taoiseach Tells Joe Higgins  (Irish Independent)