Everybody Loves You When You’re Six Feet Under



You’re no Sean Lemass, you’re no Jack Lynch and you’re no John Bruton. You’re a Garret FitzGerald. You’ve doubled, tripled the national debt, effectively destroyed the country and now you’ve a dirty, a dirty, dirty wastful botched job.Leo Varadkar to Brian Cowen, March 2010

I think it’s fair to say that Garret FitzGerald was one of Ireland’s greatest citizens, but I think, he’s also really, he was the Taoiseach that helped bring Ireland into the light and into the modern age.Leo Varadkar To Chris Donoghue, Newstalk, last Thursday.

Breakfast on Newstalk (Thurs, May 19, 2011): Go To Part 4, 18.16)
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