The First Time Obama Was In Ireland

March 28, 2010, in the canteen at Bagram air base , Afghanistan

You’ll remember President Obama said – mid-pint in Ollie Hayes’ pub – that he had been in Ireland once before on a stop-over to Kabul and then quickly changed the subject.

Basing our calculations on age-old methods (The Bodger Algorithm) the president could only have drank his first Guinness and got to see a bit of Shannon on four dates.

We know he visited Afghanistan two times since becoming President.

This would mean he stopped over in Limerick Co Clare on either the nights before and after December 3, 2010 and the nights before and after March 28.

As to who knew when and what we shall have to leave that for another day.

You’re most welcome.

(Written behind the ‘Dancing Ginger Lady’, Slane)
December 3, 2010, arriving at Kabul on a Thanksgiving visit to Us troops.