One Giant Leap For Irishkind


David Norris appealed to Wexford County Council yesterday for its support in his campaign to become president. Some highlights:

As an Irish senator in this country, I have seen many imaginative and progressive leaps being made. Leaps that have let people in who were previously excluded from the national debate. As somebody who campaigned for these great changes, I am proud to stand before you on my record. I think that record will show that I am passionate about what I believe in and that I have the energy and determination to strive for it

Let me reiterate, I am not asking you for your support as president, I am only asking for permission to be able to subject myself to the will of the Irish people. In this great, diverse society of ours, we can differ on many things. But there is one thing upon which all of us here would agree on and that is the love of our country.

As a politician and campaigner for all my life, it would be my greatest honour to express my love for this country by serving as president. The power of the presidential office is like no other. It is a symbolic and representative office and I feel it is where I can serve the country best.

There are some that have questioned my suitability for the office and they are entitled to their opinion. But what I will say is both Mary Robinson and Mary McAleese had detractors during their campaigns, but those detractors have been silenced by the superb job that both presidents have done and the pride that they have instilled into all of us as citizens.

In the election of the two previous presidents, Ireland took a leap of faith. With these leaps we have grown as a country and matured as a nation and I am certain that my election would further our country in a similar positive way. This is because, just as the last two presidents represented their time, I believe I can effectively represent us at this time.

All my life, I have been on the outside, knocking to be let in; not just for myself, but for those I represent. Now again I am knocking. I wish to be allowed to run for the office of president so that I can be a president for all the people. You have the keys, you can let me in, I ask you now to do so.

Via Random Irish News
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