Have You Come Here For Forgiveness?



U2 on the Pyramid Stage at Glastonbury last night. A messianic performance (if you like that sort of thing, and Ewok certainly does) but did that ‘tax dodge’ protest leave a bad taste in the collective mouth?

As Bono and the band were coming onto the Stage, protesters from Art Uncut inflated a 20ft balloon printed with the the slogan “U Pay Tax 2”.

The activists tried to display it over the crowd, but a team of security guards pounced on them, deflating the balloon and confiscating it. The heavy handed tactics by security guards took place just after U2’s opening song “Until The End Of The World”. Clashes with around 50 protesters carried on until they were kettled against a fence for the rest of the performance.. Michael Eavis, Glastonbury founder, said that while he encourages political activism at his festival, he believes the planned protest against U2’s tax status was unfair because of all of their generous charity work.

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Meanwhile, they say ‘potato’…

We say ”taters gonna hate’.

And the post-gig interview…


A lot of love for the boys from the BBC but (cue sinister music) no mention of the tax protest at all.

Also: Jo Whiley and Adam Clayton? Respectably groovy older couple? Jus’ throwing it out there.

Bonus Feature: Watch Bono Sing ‘Jerusalem’