Pretendy Jobs Get Torn A New One

At the launch of JobBridge: Enda Kenny, Martin Murphy, MD of HP (Ireland) and Joan Burton.

Blogger Stewart Curry doing the tearing:

Why “we might hire you after the internship” is Bullshit

There’s often the carrot dangled that after three months, there’s the chance of a job. Well big fucking deal. Surely that’s what a job interview is for. Say you do get the job – after a year there you’ve only earned 75% of what you should have been paid, because you spent three months working for nothing.

Why “you get to work with an awesome team” is Bullshit

First off – are they really that awesome? Secondly – will it really look great in my CV? If I Google the team I’ll be working with, will I see incredibly talented, thoughtful, engaging people who are famous in their field or industry, and acknowledged by awards and/or peer respect for the work they do? When I move on from my internship with this awesome team, will my next potential employer go “Wow, you worked with ‘Famous Web Designer who spoke at Build’ … what’s he/she like?”. Or will they just go … “who?”.

Why “it will look great on your CV” is Bullshit

Did you do work experience at Pentagram? Ogilvy? Happy Cog? No – you worked for some company I might barely have heard of, doing work that they didn’t consider was good enough to pay you for. I’m sorry, but the big message it sends is that you were desperate and taken advantage of.

Why “you’ll make great contacts” is Bullshit

Go to Refresh Dublin, Refresh Belfast, Build, Pub Standards, Open Coffees, Bar Camps, meetups, Nerds on a Boat even – and you’ll make great contacts. Follow people like @SabrinaDent or @EamonLeonard or @DesTraynor on Twitter and ask them questions and you’ll learn a ton.

Calling Bullshit On UnpaidInternships (

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