Brian McFadden: Bring It


Steady on.

Who rattled his cage?

A Lambo? It’s Too Good For You, Brian

Michael O’Doherty, Magazine publisher, self-employed journalist.

When I first read that Brian McFadden was driving a Lamborghini that was damaged in a collision with a lorry, my first instinct was “he owns a Lambo? Maybe I’ve misjudged him all along.” Until I discovered, of course, that it was just borrowed from a friend…

So he’s damaged a prized possession that’s far too good for him, and that he won’t be holding on to for much longer? Get used to it Brian — we’ll be describing Vogue in those exact terms any day now…


Well this should end well.

A Lambo? It’s Too Good For You, Brian (Michael O’Doherty, Evening Herald – scroll down)

(Photocall Ireland)