If You’re Going To Go…



The rather excellent new Road Safety Authority ad brought to us by the hipsters (and Michael Mann fans) at Tidal and others (see below).

It’s a message we don’t hear often enough.

Hot people die on the roads too.

Produced by TIDAL Directed by Stevie Russell Agency: Irish International Account Director: Ken Kerr Creative Director: Dylan Cotter Art Director: Catherine Lennon Copywriter: Dillon Elliot Agency Producer: Noel Byrne Director of Photography: Ruairi O’Brien Score and Sound Design: Gareth Averill Post Production: Windmill Lane Offline Editor: John O’Connor Flame: Mark Bailey Gaffer: Stephen McCarthy Focus Puller: Cormac O’Malley Downloader: Paul Delany Grip: Paul Tsan Video Assist: Adam Ozmin Make Up & Hair: Love Hawkridge Assistant Director: Ruairi McKenna Production Assistant: Keelan Clarke CAST Tom Connelly Tom Jordan Njalinda Innocenti, Mum:  Nicola Elliot Cyclist: Keelan Clarke