If The Ride Doesn’t Make You Dizzy


The ad copy should bring on nausea.

“Renowned for their flannel-clad philanthropy, lumberjacks often donate garments to dull axes in need of sharpening up. Make a chopper chipper with today’s deal.”

“These aerodynamic denizens of the clouds offer aspiring sky tourists the chance to gall gravity with their fleet of well-propelled packages and services.

“Altitude-vaulting voucher holders can test the sky’s limits as they step into their six-seater flying machine, ascending to begin a wingless voyage of Dublin discovery.”

“Choosing from a veritable vista of captain-class starters, mains and deserts, three course diners can take their taste buds on a freshly-prepared flight path to satisfaction, watching planes glide in and out from the restaurant’s wraparound viewing point whilst the fork makes a safe landing in their smiling mouth.”

Helicopter Ride And Meal (CityDeals.ie)

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