Bishop Magee Regrets


Statement from Bishop John Magee

I take this opportunity to refer once again to the statement issued on my behalf on the day the Cloyne Report was published, in which I accept full responsibility for the failure of the Diocese to effectively manage allegations on child sexual abuse.

I also apologised to victims of abuse in this statement and I unreservedly apologise to these victims again today.I publicly apologised to victims of abuse in the Diocese, in Cobh Cathedral, on Christmas Eve 2008.

I wish to point out that I answered all questions put to me by the Commission of Inquiry and my responses are on the public record, as part of the published report. I have nothing to add to the answers given at that time.

I also take this opportunity to say that I let the many good priests of the diocese down. So many priests do such good work and by not addressing the issues which confronted me I made their important work more difficult. I also want to apologise to the people of the diocese for not managing this important work more effectively.

I offered my resignation to His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI on 9 March 2010 and this was accepted on 24 March.

I am a retired bishop living at a house so kindly provided for my use by the diocese, in the parish of Mitchelstown. I now ask for some privacy.

Bishop Magee ‘Ashamed’ By Abuse In Cloyne (RTE)


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