Meanwhile, In The Leinster Scrum


Zimbabwe-born prop Brian Mujati (above) has accused Leinster’s South African duo Steven Sykes and Heinke van der Merwe of making racist remarks about him during the province’s loss last night to the Northampton Saints.

Early this morning on Twitter the South African prop Mujati made the accusation, “Steven Sykes and Heinke van der Merwe were calling me a baboon during the scrums last night. Racism is still alive and things don’t change.”

“I was shocked by how how blatant they were being and to think I actually thought I knew Heinke (above) from back in the Lions days”, he said of the pair’s time together at the Johannesburg club side.

“The guy then tries to shake my hand after the game. Naturally I kindly told him to fuck off. I wish them all the best with their careers.”

Leinster Duo Accused of Racism In Scrum (SportsNews Ireland)

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