No Mercy. No Charity. No Charge.


Religious orders are set to receive State payments of up to €35 million to meet their outstanding legal costs relating to the Commission to Inquire into Child Abuse.

The State has already paid out some €22 million on third-party legal costs, the bulk of which relates to religious orders.

However, internal briefing material states that between €30 and €35 million more will be needed to pay their full costs, bringing the overall bill to about €50 million.

Why are we paying these bills?

Because 10 years ago the government gave a blanket guarantee and promised to look after the fees of all firms representing everyone involved in the Commission, not just the victims but the religious orders too. The same orders that ensured abusers escaped justice.

And here’s how some of that money is being divided up by legal firms representing:

The Christian Brothers: €20 million

The Sisters of Mercy: €15 million

The Sisters of Charity: 5 million

Oblates Of Mary Immaculate: €5 million

Rosminians: €2.5 million

The Good Shepherd Sisters: 2.5 million

State To Pay €35m For Religious Orders’ Legal Fees (Carol O’Brien and Patsy McGarry, Irish Times)

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