The RTÉ Fashion site is relaunching with a whole new look, and as part of the redesign we will be featuring Irish fashion and beauty blogs in an aggregated feed.

This will be a great way to showcase the best of Irish online fashion and beauty content. If you would be interested in being part of this feature on the site, please email back and I can give you further details.

This will be a great way to give your blog more exposure and get your content across to new readers!


Not so fast, so-called RTE Fashion. From

Aggregation is old hat on the Internet and has largely fallen out of favour.  It doesn’t work for anyone  – it won’t increase your traffic (in fact it has been shown to actually decrease traffic to individual sites. Instead of visiting your blog to check for updates readers will just go to the aggregator and check multiple sites in one go).  It won’t do anything except drive advertising for the aggregator – which in this case is RTE Fashion. is 100% against this arrangement and will never allow our content to be used this way. We work long and hard to put this site together – as I know all of you do who have blogs that are your pride and joy.  Unless there is a revenue split – a fair one – there should be no question of you contributing to this arrangement.


And they’re not alone.

The Curious Story Of RTE Fashion And The Blog Aggregator (

Thanks Bibi Baskin Robbins


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