Let Norris Run (And Then Really Finish Him Off)


Had virtually any other public figure been embroiled in similar controversies, there would have been no prospect of rehabilitation.

But, this being David Norris, there is now renewed speculation that he may re-enter the race. Tonight, he is scheduled to appear on the Late Late Show , presumably to speak over the heads of the political “establishment” to “the people”. Another cosy promo chat is indicated.

I now believe Norris should be facilitated in entering the race because only the attrition of an election campaign can hope to disperse doubts about these controversies that otherwise will remain and possibly fester for many years.

… It means that every issue raised about David Norris must be treated as if the candidate’s name was Willie O’Dea or Michael Fingleton.

It’s not impossible: it’s called journalism.


Let Norris Enter The Race And Be Treated Like Everyone Else (John Waters, Irish Times)

(Mark Stedman/Photocall Ireland)